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How we got here! Legacy Housing's History

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 by Kira Hovancik

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Legacy housing is still considered the “new kid on the block” in the mobile home industry, but we know that we make the most affordable mobile home out in the market today! Legacy Housing was founded in 2005 by two Texas “maverick” businessmen, Curt Hodgson, and Kenny Shipley. Now, Legacy Housing has more than 900 employees and is a publically traded company on NASDAQ (LEGH).

Owners of Legacy Housing Corporation 2019


Legacy’s Early Beginnings


In 2005, the owners of Legacy Housing purchase their first home factory plant in Fort Worth, Texas to start building their own affordable mobile homes. For the 35+ years that Hodgson and Shipley had been in the mobile home industry, they were mainly selling and flipping repo homes as well as owning mobile home parks and working at, their now, competitors dealerships and retail stores.


Once they realized they could build a better, more affordable product than what the other manufacturers were selling, they figured it was time they went into business together manufacturing their own high-quality mobile homes.

Legacy Housing Fort Worth factory


High-quality Mobile Homes


Legacy Housing burst into the mobile home industry scene with not only high-quality mobile homes but also offering inventory and retail financing options for their customers, as well as value-packed patented Legacy floorplans to highlight the uniqueness of their new brand. A strong independent-dealer network in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana helped Legacy quickly rise to the top as one of the best new mobile home manufacturers in the county.


Legacy Housing 2008


After a couple of years in the mobile home industry, Legacy Housing decided to purchase another factory in Texas to build more models. With the purchase of the second home factory in Commerce, Texas this factory would focus on building 18-wide and 36-wide models and bringing those into the Texas mobile home marketplace. Legacy Housing was now building “Taller! Wider! Better!” homes for the industry and that left our competition shaking in their boots.

Legacy Housing mobile home 36-wide doublewide home


2012 Legacy Awarded by Inc 5000


A few years after acquiring the Commerce factory, Legacy Housing was presented with the first Inc 5000 Award for Top-Private Homebuilder. Legacy Housing gained much national acclaim over this award.


Legacy was earning its reputation as one of the most vertically integrated companies in the industry with designs focusing on family-functional floorplans and including features that the competition just couldn’t match.


Legacy’s Tiny House Launch


The boom of Tiny Houses started in 2015 and wouldn’t you know that Legacy was right there when it happened? Legacy Housing created the Tiny Guesthouse brand to fill the void of tiny homes that were not only small in size but also small in price point as well. Legacy’s Tiny Guesthouse line of homes are still America’s most affordable option of Tiny homes for those interested in Tiny living.

Our Tiny Guesthouse line of homes are all under 399 square feet, and we have more than 5 floorplans to choose from to fit your Tiny House goals. Even though it’s only been a couple of years since we created our Tiny Guesthouse line, we still see the Tiny movement as being a permanent style of housing and not just a trend in the marketplace.


Consumers more than ever are looking for affordable as well as sustainable housing, and our Tiny House models offer that and more to our customers.

legacy housing tiny hacienda tiny home


Ultimate Home


In 2017, Legacy’s first Ultimate Home rolls off our production line!

Legacy Housing Ultimate Home upgrade your new home

Our Ultimate home features the best in standard features as well as drool-worthy upgrades to make any homeowner want to upgrade their home to an Ultimate home. With ultimate financing and ultimate features, Legacy’s Ultimate home raised the bar in the mobile home industry and provided the customers with the upgrades they didn’t even know they wanted.

Legacy Housing Ultimate home brand new


Corporation Era Begins


As we get closer to the present time-period of Legacy’s timeline, we reach the year 2018. Legacy Housing transitioned from a Limited-partnership to an Incorporation which was anchored by the purchase of a new Corporate headquarters located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Bedford, Texas. Centrally located in Bedford, the Legacy Housing Global Headquarters can be seen from the I-183 highway heading East or West!


And as 2018 wraps up, Legacy Housing had one more milestone to accomplish before the years' end. Legacy Housing Corporation made its first public offering in December of 2018 on Nasdaq. Led by an underwriting group of B. Riley FBR, Inc., Oak Ridge Financial, and National Securities, the public offering was made and we have continued to be publically traded on Nasdaq today.

HEB Chamber Legacy Housing Ribbon Cutting January 2019


Future of Legacy


As we continue to grow and innovate as a corporation, we have many plans for our future. Expanding our community division with our affordable financing options for community owners to fill their parks with brand new Legacy homes. These money-making community programs such as our Bulk Leasing or our Finance program offer unique benefits to community owners that allow them to finance their new Legacy homes effectively for their business model.


We will continue to expand our independent dealer network as well as our retail network of dealerships to increase our presence across the Southeast and venture into new counties and new states across the U.S.


Every year we engineer new floorplans for our consumers. We design and build new home models with functional floorplans that are fit for any size family. We are constantly updating our homes with the newest features, durable flooring options, unique wallboard textures, and vibrant exterior colors to innovate our homes.


Our new features and benefits will be showcased at our annual Fall Show which is exclusively for our network of dealers and community owners across the United States. Keep an eye on our social media pages for all the news and where we grow from here!

Ken Corbin and Legacy Owners Curt Hodgson Kenny Shipley