We Sell the Widest Singlewide Home in America!

In manufactured home nomenclature, the terms "singlewide" and "doublewide" have remained eponymous throughout the past half-century in referring to the overall width of a home.  Singlewide homes ( single section units) have normally ranged in widths of 14' or 16' feet wide, while doublewide (multi-section units) have typically referenced home widths of 28'  or 32' wide.   These sizes have not changed for decades and a majority of homebuilders who specialize in factory-built homes continue to build to those same widths today.

On top of our hugely popular 12' wide tiny home series, we found increased demand from our customers for the widest singlewide living space available.  Our engineers & craftsmen put pencil to paper, built dozens of test homes, and concepted a home that is the largest legally available singlewide in the market today. The Legacy 18'-Wide was a hit the moment it rolled off the assembly line.

At Legacy, we have changed the game and broke the mold when it comes to home widths. Our Ultrawide 18-Wide Series features 8 gorgeous and airy floorplans that will give you and your family an extra amount of space, without having to live in a larger doublewide home. 

With the Legacy Ultrawide 18'-wide Home Collection, an extra 2' feet was added to the home's width - a game changer that increased available square footage and living space throughout the home as well as helps give customers more flexibility with furniture placement and room decor.  Just the overall airy nature of 2' feet more space helps generate a sense of largeness in your mind.  It feels almost doublewide-ish in it's overall nature.

Our Ultrawide homes feel 25% bigger than a comparable 16'-wide singlewide and many customers switch once they do a tour.  It is amazing at just how much bigger 2' feet of space makes the home feel.  Check it out for yourself in our 18x80-4 Bedroom 2 Bath model.


Legacy 1880-42B18-Wide Home Floorplan

Legacy Retailers all have the ability to custom build your next 18' wide singlewide.  Let them know you want the widest singlewide in America and they will take it from there.

Here are some of our most popular 18-wide models:


18x80-32C 3 Bedroom - 2 Bath Mobile Home


Legacy 1880-32E18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-32J18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-42A18-Wide Home Floorplan


Legacy 1880-22MRA18-Wide Home Floorplan

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