Legacy Reaches New Milestone with 15,000th Home From Fort Worth


Home. House.

Such similar words, yet their meaning is worlds apart in most people’s heart.

A house is a shelter. It’s a place for your possessions and a resting place. But a home?  A home is so much more. It’s safety. It’s love. It’s a family.

At Legacy, we don’t just build houses. We build homes that lead to better futures.

And we are excited to share that we recently hit a major milestone. Our Fort Worth plant, our first manufacturing plant, has officially built its 15,000th home as of today.

Reaching This Milestone

We are proud of the role we play in creating affordable, high-quality homes for people. When our product rolls out of the plant, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing that kids may play in front of the fireplace, dad can whip up dinner, and mom can enjoy planting flowers outside.

We are grateful to our customers who instill trust in us to not just build a house but to build them a home. It’s a great responsibility, and one we take great pride in delivering. All our homes are engineered and designed to not only meet the highest quality standards but, also, to meet family-friendly standards.

Family Friendly

What does it mean to have family-friendly standards?

Well, it means your home will fit your family and your life. Details like air conditioning vents in the ceiling reduce dirt and debris – and keep the toddler from dropping EVERYTHING into the vent. The floor plans are wide and open, so your furniture fits and doesn’t feel cramped. The ceilings are raised to provide more room. And loads and loads of kitchen cabinets mean you have room for all your cookware and a place to stow your kitchen trash can away from prying eyes.

Next Steps

Finally, we are excited to look to the future.

We have expanded our operations by bringing on our newest manufacturing plant in Georgia. We’ve recently taken the company public. And we continue to be pioneers in the manufactured home and tiny home industry.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We plan to be here to celebrate 300,000 homes and more.



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