Fall Back In Love With Your Manufactured Home


After living in your home or apartment for while, the newness wears off and it can be hard to find ways to fall back in love with your current living space. Thankfully, we have come up with some tips and tricks for you to fall back in love with your home. We hope these simple and affordable tips will help you become inspired by your home and enjoy your home as much as you did the first time you saw it.


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Rearrange Furniture 


One of the easiest ways to fall in love with your home is to rearrange your living room furniture. Now, you can take this and apply it to every room in your home such as the master bedroom and family living room, but you don’t need to make too much work for yourself. You can take each tip and apply it to one room in your home for an instant room-refresh! 


When you rearrange your living room furniture, you create new walkways and walking paths in your home that make you take new routes from room to room. This helps keep your mind fresh and see new things in your home. Thankfully, with our Legacy floorplans, there is plenty of walk-way room behind and in front of furniture since we build some of the widest homes in the manufactured housing industry. 


Move around the TV stand, end tables, living room couch, floor lamps, loveseat, whatever furniture you have in your living room space. When you create a new seating area, you face a different direction making you see walls you never used to before. Rearranging your furniture is an easy and free way to fall in love with your home all over again. 


Are you looking for a wider home? Five to fifteen inches doesn’t sound like much, but when it comes to interior width home, it makes a big difference. It could mean the difference between being able to fit a love-seat couch versus a five-seater sectional sofa! If you are looking for a wider home, look no further than Legacy Housing


rearrange your furniture in your mobile home to refresh your home for spring manufactured home living


Switch Out Light Bulbs


Now, this might seem like a stretch, but switching up your light bulbs in your home will change the way you see your home. We recommend switching your lights to energy-efficient LED light bulbs if you haven’t already. LED light bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting according to the U.S Department of Energy. They also end up lasting up to twenty-five times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. 


So if you were thinking about switching your old light bulbs to LED light bulbs or even Smart LED light bulbs that you can control with your phone or smart-home hub, the time is now.


switching your old light bulbs to LED bulbs is an affordable way to update your mobile home plus LED bulbs are more energy efficient


By switching your light bulbs(incandescent bulbs) to LED light bulbs or even color-changing light bulbs, you are going to see parts of your home differently than before. Adding color-changing light bulbs in the bedrooms allows you to change the color of your lighting before bedtime, while you watch a movie, and can be done from a small remote control. 


Switching to Smart lightbulbs allow you to control the lighting from an app on your phone for even more convenience. You can find color-changing light bulbs on Amazon for a fairly inexpensive price point so this is yet another easy and affordable way to change up your lighting and change up how you live in your home. Plus they are super easy to install! 


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Add A New Rug


Area rugs and accent rugs really tie in your living room decor to create a unified living room. But most rugs thick, heavy to carry, and are hard to clean, right? Who can be bothered when they have companies like Ruggable who make affordable, easy to clean, machine washable rugs for any size room or outdoor space. 


Their genius two-piece rug system allows you to easily clean the Rug Cover by removing it from the non-slip Rug Pad and throwing it in the washing machine. You can also easily change out rug designs and storing them is simple too since they are so lightweight. They come in many area rug and accent rug sizes and this system is very pet-friendly which we thought our customers would love! 


Changing the rugs in your manufactured home has never been easier with Ruggable and changing up your rugs every couple of months allows you to switch up the color scheme in your home allowing you to fall in love with your home. They have a discount code on their website for first-time customers, so use HELLO10 at checkout to save some coin. 


changing out your rugs in your mobile home ruggable machine washable rugs for low maintenance mobile homes




We think one of the best ways to freshen up your home is to add some new plants. If you prefer fake or faux plants over live plants, we totally understand. Only you know what will work for your lifestyle and inside your home. But we wanted to share some online plant recommendations that we feel would be good for not only first-time plant owners but plants that are also pet-friendly varieties since most of our customers have furry friends too!


best way to freshen up your mobile home is by adding plants live or faux plants will do mobile home reno


We highly recommend checking out The Sill for brand new plants that can be delivered to your home within a couple of weeks with plant keeping instructions and guided workshops on their website for beginner plant parents. The Sill offers a great selection of house plants that are great for low-light spaces, pet-friendly plants, and their planters are simple in design to go with any decor style. Adding a new plant(or two) to your home can really change up your space and bring something vibrant to your home! 


Another online plant retailer we recommend is Bloomscape. They not only offer indoor plants but outdoor plants also in a variety of sizes from extra small plants, to extra large plant varieties. You can pick up live and faux potted plants at local brick and mortar stores like Home Depot, Lowes Garden Center, or your local plant nursery if you are unsure about ordering plants online. 


You can also purchase affordable faux greenery at your local Target, Walmart, and online from Amazon. They have really affordable prices so it will be easy to update your home with some bright greenery. 


affordable plants to update and refresh your mobile home for spring target amazon walmart have affordable plant options for homeowners


New Manufactured Home


More people have depended on their homes during this last year due to the pandemic that shook our country. Your home is now more than just a place you go to sleep at night. Make your living space great by living in a functional home by Legacy Housing. Our manufactured homes are furniture friendly so it’s easy to rearrange your home one room at a time. 


Legacy homes feature gorgeous interiors with durable vinyl wallboards, high-quality vinyl flooring, and standard features that create value in your home. Legacy manufactured homes are built to be affordable, stand out from our competitors with more standard features and be taller, wider, and better than other homes in the manufactured homes industry. To find a Legacy Housing dealer near you, click here. Need in-house financing? Look no further than our in-housing financing options for homeowners. 


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