9 Reasons Why Vinyl Flooring Comes Standard

When purchasing a new home, flooring can be a huge deciding factor. Have you ever started the home buying process and noticed the first thing you want to change is the flooring? Guilty as charged! Flooring, to some people, is a pretty important feature in a new home.


A good, clean flooring option can be the deciding factor in purchasing a new home or remodeling an older home to fit your needs. Flooring ties all the furniture together and really grounds every single room. Having great looking flooring is important, but having functional flooring is essential! 


Flooring needs to be durable, easy to clean, and functional. Our luxury vinyl lino flooring is highly durable and stands up to the normal house-hold wear-and-tear. Vinyl flooring, which is a synthetic cousin of linoleum, can stand up to pet stains, all types of dirt, and daily liquid spills. 


your family matters and so does the flooring in your new home; protect your family with functional and durable vinyl flooring that comes standard on every Legacy home


Vinyl Lino Flooring


One of the biggest reasons that rolled vinyl flooring is such a great option for mobile homes and for modular homes is the fact that vinyl flooring is 100% water-resistant. Being that the flooring is water-resistant means that surface water and spills won’t have an effect on the flooring. Vinyl flooring is great for high-traffic rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living room areas that are shared by many family members. 


Rolled vinyl flooring is also great for pet lovers and owners because, as we all know, sometimes pets have accidents and having vinyl flooring is a great option for easy cleanup and future maintenance of your floors. 


rolled lino vinyl flooring options for Legacy mobile homes modular homes 2019 through 2020 homes



Benefits of Vinyl Flooring


Home benefits of Vinyl Flooring:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Water-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Stain-resistant - great for pet owners
  • No more expensive carpet-cleaning 
  • Reduces noise
  • Easy low-maintenance
  • Anti-static
  • Cost-effective


benefits of vinyl flooring are easy cleaning water resistant and very long-lasting in the life of a mobile home


Vinyl flooring has become very popular these days and many businesses use vinyl flooring because it’s so durable and easy to maintain over the long lifespan of the flooring. Many new apartments and site-built homes use vinyl flooring because of the benefits and the desired, clean look of vinyl flooring. Because of its durability, vinyl flooring can be installed on almost any subflooring which is great for manufacturers and homeowners who want to give their current home a floor-lift. 


We build our homes with tongue and groove O.S.B floor decking that is further secured together with a high-performance nail-gun. Then, our rolled lino is rolled on top of the tongue and groove O.S.B floor decking to create a seamless flooring finish to each and every home, unless otherwise specified! We still offer other flooring options such as wood grain plank tile and 21oz luxury carpet since we know not every customer wants vinyl flooring in every single room. 


Our woodgrain plank tile comes twice as thick as sheet-vinyl flooring and comes in 12” wide by 36” wide planks. Woodgrain plank tile is also long-lasting and nearly indestructible. However, our woodgrain plank tile at this time does not come standard on all our homes like the rolled vinyl flooring. It’s an upgraded option for those customers who prefer that woodgrain tile look in their home. 


vinyl flooring pros for new homes functionality and durability are why rolled vinyl flooring come standard in our legacy mobile homes


Vinyl Flooring is Standard 


Our luxury rolled vinyl lino now comes standard on our 12’, 16’, 24’, and 32’ home models. We believe that our rolled vinyl flooring is some of the best vinyl flooring options in the industry. This is why we make our vinyl flooring come as a standard feature in each and every home we build. Because of its durability and functionality in the home, we see it as the best, most affordable flooring option for our customers!


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Do you have vinyl flooring in your home? Would you upgrade your home with vinyl flooring in the future? We know we sure would! As always, we look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below!


vinyl flooring comes standard in all our legacy mobile homes highly durable and functional flooring for large families and pet owners

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