Workforce / Oilfield Housing

At Legacy, we have quickly become a low-cost alternative in employee affordable housing arena. We work with oil and gas companies, lodging companies and other service related industries to provide a comfortable home away from home for their employess and clients. Legacy's Workforce Housing Team is here to take care of your housing & business needs.

Financing at low-rates is available for qualified buyers.

Contact our Workforce Sales department today to help get you started on your next project!

Workforce / Oilfield Sales Team

Texas Factories

John Gainer 
Ph. (817) 632-3351
Fax. (817) 624-7573

Joey Powell 
Ph. (817) 632-3347
Fax. (817) 624-7573

Fabio Priore 
Ph. (817) 632-3306
Fax. (817) 624-7573

Georgia Factory

Corey Waters 
Ph. (912) 978-0066
Fax. (478) 387-0693

Eric P. Stark 
Ph. (770) 231-1230
Fax. (478) 387-0693

Barry Burrell 
Ph. (478) 455-4663
Fax. (478) 387-0693

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