Singlewide & Doublewide Home Series

Bursting on the scene in 2005, Legacy Housing has grown to become one of America's rising stars in the booming market of affordable housing and tiny home living.

We build each Legacy Home to HUD-Code specs on one of our three factory assembly-lines. After countless hours of detailed engineering & design, our expert line supervisors & their teams construct each house utilizing high-quality building materials using the newest home-building tools & techniques. Each home is built upon a solid American-made Steel I-beam frame with wheels and chassis that allows anyone in America to have a beautiful, brand new affordable home.

Standard Features List

  • Plant: 1 - FTW
  • Built: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Production Began: 2005
  • Built Per Week: 25+ Homes
  • Plant: 2 - COM
  • Built: Commerce, Texas
  • Production Began: 2009
  • Built Per Week: 20+ Homes
  • Plant: 3 - EAT
  • Built: Eatonton, Georgia
  • Production Began: 2017
  • Built Per Week: 15+ Homes