Eatonton, GA
Home Factory

Legacy's newest & largest factory purchased in 2015 is quite a behemoth. Currently building 25+ floors a week, the Eatonton factory supports over 250 jobs and is a major economic contributor .

  • Location:Eatonton, Georgia
  • Population: 9,000+
  • Population within a 250-Mile Radius: 26,014,757
  • 10-Year Growth: 18.8%
  • Production Lines:
  •   Tiny Guesthouse
  •   Legacy 16-Wides
  •   Legacy 32-Wides
  •   Legacy Select Series

- Certification by NTA
- HUD-Code Compliance

Eatonton is the county seat of Putnam County, centrally located in Georgia just 75 miles outside Atlanta. Situtated between two major interstates and two large lakes, Eatonton remains a hub for local artists and features many cultural attractions, including one of the finest performing arts facilities in the State, the Eatonton Plaza Arts Center.

Legacy Housing Corporation is proud to be a valued member of the Putnam County business community. With easy access to Atlanta's booming housing demand, a rapidly increasing job market and with a top-25 population growth rate in America, the Eatonton plant is poised for explosive growth.

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Our Sales, Service, Engineering, Quality Control, Purchasing, and Accounting offices are located at our Eatonton plant.

Our administrative staff at our Eatonton factory might be newcomers to the Legacy family, but they are a big part of our operations. With separate transportation & moulding divisions, this factory is one of the largest home factories in America. We love "Building Your Legacy!" and it shows throughout the spirit of our Eatonton factory.

Responsible Manufacturing

Legacy Housing Corp. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Legacy”) are committed to ensuring that working conditions in its operations and in its supply chains are safe, that all workers are treated with respect and dignity and that business operations are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically.

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Reach out to our management team at our Eatonton facility. Click here to contact Legacy Housing's EAT Facility