Legacy Home Construction

Built inside one of our three state-of-the-art home factories in Texas & Georgia, your new Legacy home does not leave our factory without being 100% certified and approved by our quality control engineers. A high-quality home at a great value, nothing less. That is our guarantee to you!

Smart, Innovative Floorplans

Designed to be "Furniture & Family Friendly" - our team of engineers go over every inch of a home when it in Drafting & the Prototype phases. You will be hard-pressed to find a more functional home layout, than with a Legacy home floorplan.

Built Tough with Quality Components

Building thousands of homes each year, we are dedicated to constructing a high-quality home each & every day. With quality-assurance teams throughout each factory, you can be certain your Legacy is built right, the first time or it won't leave our factory until it is!

  • No Weather Delays!
  • No Waiting on Sub-Contractors
  • No waiting game for Materials

Volume-Savings Passed on to the Consumer

Since our inception, Legacy Housing has been able to offer one of the best home prices in America. By "Building in Bulk", we negotiate better deals on our parts, lumber, & other home components. In a highly-competitive industry with slim margins, Legacy instead chooses to pass those savings on to our customer to ensure an affordable price year-after-year.

Built in a State-of-the-Art

Home Assembly Line

At our three home factories, we build up to 9 homes each day. Each factory has up to 20 stations which build your new home step by step. Homes are moved from stage to stage with precision as large equipment & the ingenuity of our construction crew all come together to create a brand new Legacy home that is ready for transport.

Station 1 - Frame Shop

Station 1 is where your new home's frame is assembled, welded, and painted. Floor joists are assembled, permiter rail and floor decking are added.

Station 2 - Flooring

Station 2 is all about your home's flooring. All "below floor" items such as bottom board, ducting, electrical, and insulation are installed, fastened to the frame, and then topped with your new floor which is sanded, prepped, and your covering (lino, vinyl tile, or carpet) is installed.

Station 3 - Plumbing

Station 3 is where toilets, tubs, and showers are installed to the floor.

Station 4, 5 - Walls & Cabinets

Station 4 & 5, is where walls get carefully measured & marked and where cabinets, countertops, & pantries are cut and assembled. Then partition and end walls are put into place and cabinets loaded onto floor.

Station 6, 7, 8 - Sidewall Build

Station 6, 7, & 8, is where full-length sidewalls get set to the floor and window and external door openings are framed. Electrical wiring is ran throughout the walls before they are closed up by Vinyl Covered Gypsum wall panels which are are then installed to the wall frames.

Station 9 - Roof Build

Station 9, is where you new roof is started, framed, set, and installed on side walls. Rafters are fastened and foam sealed to ceiling boards. Vapor Barrier & ceiling texture is then added to the interior ceiling boards.

Station 10 - Sidewall Finish

Station 10, is where a moisture-barrier wrap is added. It is at this stage where windows & doors are mounted into place & installed. Finally, exterior siding is attached to sidewalls.

Station 11 - Exterior Finish

Station 11, is where insulation is added in the space between ceiling & your roof. Siding & exterior trim are also finished out in this stage.

Station 12, 13, 14 - Roof Decking

Station 12, 13, 14, is where roof decking & roof underlayment is added before shingles are then set into place. Inside the home, cabinets are installed to wall frames and interior trim is added and finished out.

Station 15 - Surge

Station 15, is where final touches are applied to the exterior & interior primary components, and QA inspectors look for flaws or issues with the home which are identified & corrected.

Station 16 - Final Finish 1

Station 16, is where all cabinet doors and drawers are installed and the cleaning process is began.

Station 17 - Final Finish 2

Station 17, is where all appliances are installed, ship-loose items are secured for transport, and a final deep clean of the home is applied.


Our homes are built with high-quality components and long-lasting materials that are time-tested again & again.

Value Packed

Each Legacy home is packed with value from head to toe. We know what our customers want & it shows!

Affordably Priced

With a price tag that won't break your bank, a Legacy is one of America's most affordable factory-built homes.

What are the Standard Features of a Legacy Home?